If a student believes that they can demonstrate and have the knowledge or have documentary evidence of prior learning of the competencies of the course in which they are enrolled, they may make application for Recognition of Prior Learning for the qualifications or Statement of Attainment.

A student may also receive credit towards a qualification or Statement of Attainment in which they are enrolled, by producing documentary evidence of having completed the competency with another Registered Training Organisation or within another nationally recognised course or qualification.

An application form will be provided on request.


If you wish to apply for recognition of prior learning for any of the units that you are enrolled in you should;

  • Ask a staff member for an RPL application form. Complete and return the form.
  • Upon receiving the form, a trainer will provide you with a RPL guide to complete and discuss the requirements of evidence with you.
  • Identify your current experience, qualifications, skills and knowledge against the requirements of the chosen course of study and document in the RPL guide you have received
  • Send your completed RPL guide together with your portfolio of evidence to your trainer for assessing.

Assessment of your evidence will take place by the trainer and you will receive written notification of the outcome. If found ‘not yet competent’ you may be asked to provide additional documentation to support your application and again you will be notified of the result.

Records of your participation and outcome will be recorded on your file by the trainer.